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Issue #108

April 1, 2023

Become a Home Inspector Training at the InterNACHI® House of Horrors® in Colorado in April and June 2023

5-day become a home inspector class.jpg

Join us for five days of home inspection training at the InterNACHI® House of Horrors® in Colorado. This training is for anyone new to the home inspection business and for those who want to enhance their skills. Certified Master Inspectors CMI® will teach you at the House of Horrors®, an entire house built with a thousand defects under our roof. 

New Commercial HVAC Systems Inspection Course by CCPIA

commercial inspection hvac course

This new online course provided by teaches the student how to inspect HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems commonly found in commercial buildings. It's 12 hours long in an on-demand, self-paced format. 

Certified Residential Mold Inspector Training at the InterNACHI® House of Horrors® In Pennsylvania over May 25-26, 2023 

certified residential mold inspector training.jpg

Join us for two days of mold inspection and assessment training at the InterNACHI® House of Horrors® in Pennsylvania on May 25-26, 2023. You’ll learn how to: perform a mold inspection; describe different types of mold; explain health effects; perform sampling; interpret lab reports; and recognize remediation efforts. 

Home Binder for Homeowners
iwb ad.gif

Maine Real Estate Commission Approves InterNACHI's Free Online Course for Real Estate Agent CE

free online state approved ce courses for real estate agents

The Maine Real Estate Commission has approved InterNACHI’s new, free online real estate course, “Introduction to Home Inspections for Real Estate Professionals,” for 9 credits. InterNACHI® members can offer free online state-approved CE courses to real estate professionals by handing out free marketing cards.

Insurance for Home Inspectors

Untitled design (3).png

How do home inspectors protect themselves for their ancillary services? 


Coffee With Ben: Inspector Coaching Session With Inspector Website Builder

coffee with ben and inspector website builder clients.jpg

Grab a coffee and join the live, informal discussion with InterNACHI’s Ben Gromicko and clients of Inspector Website Builder (IWB). Inspector Website Builder is InterNACHI's Official Vendor for inspector websites. This business and marketing coaching session is focused on IWB clients, but anyone can attend. 

Priority Lab for Mold Water and More.
InterNACHI Pay Credit Card Processing
Breeze Radon Monitor
Sewer scope training class.
BREEZE ST mold testing kit.

How to Choose the Right Local Citations for Your Inspection Business Website

how to choose the right local citations for inspectors

Despite everything that has been mentioned about how great citations are for your inspection business, you should not list yours in every directory available. Quality over quantity matters most.

InterNACHI's Free, Online Home Inspection Reporting Software Now Allows Unlimited Photos 

inspection reporting software with unlimited photos 1.jpg

The free online system allows members to generate Standards of Practice-compliant home inspection reports with unlimited photos. This checklist can be used to complete the certification requirement of writing four mock inspection reports. 

Updated "Home Inspection Business & Marketing Course"

updated free online home inspection business course

We have updated the free, online "Home Inspection Business & Marketing Course" provided by InterNACHI® School, the only nationally accredited college for home inspectors at The goal of this course is to teach the student how to start up and operate a successful home inspection business. The course includes updated business and marketing strategies. The course is free, online, and open to everyone. 

Simplelab Best Water Test for Inspectors
ATI Training.jpg

Introduction to Home Inspections for Real Estate Professionals

introduction to home inspections course for real estate agents

This course is written for real estate agents who work with certified home inspectors. It's free and open to everyone. 

Download This Illustration of Gas Appliance Connectors

gas appliance connectors illustration download

InterNACHI® members are permitted to download this illustration of gas appliance connectors. The illustration comes from InterNACHI's Gallery. Illustrations can boost the quality of your inspection reports by helping to communicate with your clients how house systems work.  

Get a New Logo Designed for Your Inspection Business

free inspection logo design for play it safe

InterNACHI's Member Marketing Team will design your business cards, flyers, and brochures for free. All you have to do is place a print order for fully customized marketing, including a unique logo for your business.

4_1_23 Infrared.jpg
EMSL Environmental Lab for Inspectors
Inspector Outlet Shop for Inspectors
Feb-1 & 15-23.jpg

Home Inspection Overview & Business Tips for New Inspectors 

home inspection business overview and tips webinar

Join InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko for a webinar on becoming a successful home inspector. This webinar will provide tips on software, time management, marketing and business, and much more!

InterNACHI's Home Inspector Podcast

internachi home inspector podcast.jpg

Enjoy listening to Certified Professional Inspectors CPI®, the best vendors in the industry, and InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko talk about performing home inspections, operating successful inspection businesses, and applying marketing strategies.

Become an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI®

CPI-Certified-Professional-Inspector-InterNACHI-logo copy.jpg

Become an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI®.

inspector media.jpg
home inspector podcast by internachi.jpg
Advanced Well Inspection Class with Jim Krumm
internachi home inspector webinars.jpg

Home Maintenance Book

Home Maintenance Book

Give this book to all of your clients and agents. The book provides information about how a home works, how to maintain it, and how to save energy.

How To Inspect Lawn Irrigation Systems Course

how to inspect lawn irrigation system course

The goal of this course is to teach inspectors how to inspect residential lawn irrigation systems.

InterNACHI® South Korea Chapter Graduates Two More Students

south korea chapter students

Two new InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors CPI® received their credentials and certificates after completing a six-week training class provided by the InterNACHI® South Korea Chapter. Congratulations to Kim Jungirl, who stands in between his two students, Mr. Jung Kee Kim on the left, and Mr. Seongman Go on the right.

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