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Issue #111

July 1, 2023

Pennsylvania Approves "Drone Training for Home Inspectors" at InterNACHI's Convention

drone training for home inspectors.jpg

In a live drone flight demonstration at the convention, you will learn how to fly a drone for your inspection business. You will also learn how to pass the FAA pilot exam and get advanced drone flight tips for inspecting residential and commercial properties, including roof systems.

Use a Magic Marker to Market to Agents

magic marker marketing to real estate agents.jpg

This is the $2.70 marketing tip that keeps on marketing you.

Top Features of a Home Inspector's Website

free internachi webinar top features of a home inspector website gromicko 1.jpg

Learn the top features for your website in this free recorded webinar with InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko and Natasha Gromicko. The webinar covers SEO, chat, analytics, domain names, email addresses, scheduling, sample reports, software, conversion, and much more.

Home Binder for Homeowners
Inspector Website Builder Advertisement

Social Media for Home Inspectors at the Convention

social media for home inspectors.jpg

InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI® Austin Jenkins has 1.8 million followers on TikTok for a reason. Don't miss this presentation on how home inspectors can boost their social media game.

The Best Way To Make Even More Money

best way to make more money curtis kelley.jpg

You will learn about the most commonly requested inspection services, including how to drill down into the analytics of each inspection service, which was ordered most often, who ordered them, and which produced the most revenue and net profit. 

InterNACHI's 2023 Professional Inspectors Convention

internachi pro inspectors convention for 175.jpg

You get it all for $175, including admission to the convention, admission to the opening reception, access to all sessions and workshops, one raffle ticket to win a prize, more than 80 industry vendors, more than 500 industry professionals, a commemorative t-shirt, a commemorative reusable tote bag, lunch, coffee, and snacks.

Priority Lab for Mold Water and More.
InterNACHI-Pay ad 5.1.23.JPG
Breeze Radon Monitor
Sewer scope training class.
BREEZE ST mold testing kit.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Inspection

inspecting commercial properties exit lighting with CCPIA.jpg

This video by CCPIA demonstrates an inspection of exit signs and emergency lighting in a hotel. 

Eastern North Carolina Chapter Meeting on July 11

eastern north carolina home inspector chapter.png

The InterNACHI® Eastern North Carolina Chapter is offering in-person training that is designed to be convenient, easy, and affordable. Join the Chapter.

U.S. Army Requires InterNACHI® Membership for Military Housing Inspection Project

veteran owned military housing inspection internachi.jpg

InterNACHI® is pleased to announce that the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense are having InterNACHI® members inspect 100% of the privatized, government-controlled/owned military housing (about 110,000 home inspections).

Simplelab Best Water Test for Inspectors
RadonEye Pro Deal for InterNACHI (400 × 800 px).png
ATI Training.jpg
June 2023.jpg
July 4th Sale InterNACHI Newsletter23 (1).png

Fire Extinguisher Elements

fire extinguisher elements.jpg

Download this free illustration from InterNACHI's gallery of inspection images and illustrations to boost your inspection report. 

Get a New Logo Designed for Your Inspection Business

free home inspection business logo for anchor.jpg

InterNACHI's Member Marketing Team will design your business cards, flyers, and brochures for free. All you have to do is place a print order for fully customized marketing, including a unique logo for your business.

Redesigning Bad Home Inspection Logos

redesigning bad home inspection logos.jpg

There is nothing technically wrong with any of the bad logos in the image above. They are just concepts that have been over-used in the home inspection industry. A logo that looks the same as everyone else’s design is not working for you the way that a logo should.

Inspector Outlet Shop for Inspectors
Don't through money away (3).jpg

Listen to "Home Inspector Training #45 With InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko"

listen to home inspection training 45 podcast.jpg

Listen to this podcast episode with InterNACHI's Ben Gromicko and go through a house, inspect it, find defects, and write a report. We'll learn how to perform a home inspection according to the Standards of Practice. We'll also discuss business, marketing, software, websites, and real estate agents. 

Here's the Best Inspector Certificate To Get

home inspector certificate program.jpg

InterNACHI® School ( offers a nationally accredited, college-level Home Inspector Certificate Program to InterNACHI® members for free. The student will receive a Certificate of Completion by completing the online program.

Get Trained, Certified, and the InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector CPI® Credential

CPI-Certified-Professional-Inspector-InterNACHI-logo copy.jpg

All of the training, certification, and examination are free for InterNACHI® members. 

inspector media.jpg
home inspector podcast by internachi.jpg

Home Maintenance Book in Spanish

spanish home maintenance book home inspector internachi.jpg
internachi home inspector webinars.jpg

More Than 60 Inspector Certifications and Credentials

more than 60 inspector certifications credentials.jpeg

Diversifying your inspection services is the key to success. InterNACHI® provides more than 60 different types of inspector certifications to its members for free.

Join a Free InterNACHI® Chapter in Your Area

join a free internachi chapter for inspectors.jpg

Join a local InterNACHI® Chapter of InterNACHI® members and inspectors and build your network of professionals in your area.

InterNACHI's Basic Home Inspection Checklist for Free

basic home inspection checklist for free.jpg

Download a free basic home inspection checklist that reflects the InterNACHI® Home Inspection Standards of Practice. 

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