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Issue #117

January 1, 2024

Tips for Inspecting a Commercial Property
Parking Lot

Inspection Tips Video

Watch CCPIA's Director of Education provide tips for inspecting a parking lot of a commercial property. 

Texas Inspectors Convention on January 18-20, 2024

Texas TPREIA Inspectors Convention.jpg

At the Texas Inspectors Convention, hosted by TPREIA and InterNACHI®, get trained and certified to inspect pools and spas, commercial HVAC systems, and become Infrared Certified®. 

Part 5: Google Search Keyword Intent and How People Search

part 5 webinar.jpg

There are numerous ways in which people search to discover, compare, and buy inspection services online, so let's learn the key motivators behind those searches that help inspectors refocus their website content and SEO strategy.

Home Inspector Pro Software
Inspector Website Builder Advertisement

Get Sewer Scope Inspection Training at the House of Horrors®

Become Certified

Learn how to perform sewer scope inspections, identify and describe pipes and defects observed during the inspection, and add this ancillary inspection to your business in the most profitable way.

Free Illustration to Download for Inspection Reports

InterNACHI Illustration of a Fire Door

Download this high-resolution illustration about inspecting the components of a tin-class sliding fire door. The goal of a commercial fire door inspection is to provide an indication as to whether the door is in a state of readiness to perform its intended function during a fire.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Renews Our Free Online Courses for CE

BPI logo.png

The Building Performance Institute (BPI)® has approved many free online courses for BPI® Continuing Education Units. These courses are provided by our accredited home inspector college, InterNACHI School, at

Priority Lab
InterNACHI Pay Credit Card Processing
Breeze Radon Monitor
Sewer scope training class.
BREEZE ST mold testing kit.

Your Home Inspection Company Logo - Color Choices

Article About Logos

A question you should always be asking is: “What is my logo communicating to the people I want to hire me?"

New Free Yard Sign Design for InterNACHI® Inspectors

Yard Sign for Inspectors

Membership in SUNachi Tops 500 Inspectors

sunachi chapter in florida.jpg

SUNachi is InterNACHI's new, free state association of inspectors in Florida. We have the best and brightest inspectors. Membership is always free.

Simplelab Best Water Test for Inspectors
Pump Up Your Profits
EMSL Mold Lab
ISN All-in-One Solution

InterNACHI® Releases Free Credit Score Booster System

Credit Score Booster by InterNACHI.

One way to improve your credit score is to repair your credit reports. That’s what this credit score-boosting system does. 

What Is the Correct Answer?

expansion tank is necessary.jpg

InterNACHI®’s Online Inspector Examination is a completely free exam that is one of many InterNACHI® certification requirements. It's free and open to everyone, and you can take it as many times as you like.

Introduction to Commercial Property Inspections in Florida

Intro to Commercial Property Inspectors Florida

This three-day, in-person class hosted by the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) will prepare students to confidently perform commercial property inspections. 

Inspector Outlet Shop
Plumbing Overview Textbook
Structural Issues Textbook
pool book

Inspecting Oversized "AC" Breakers on Small-Gauge Wires

inspecting ac breakers.jpg

If a home inspector is checking the breaker for the air conditioning unit, and it appears to be oversized in relation to the size of the wire, the inspector may make the mistake of calling it a defect when it is not.

Become a Certified New Construction Inspector

New Construction Inspector

The New Construction Inspector logo is available for use by all current InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors who have successfully completed all training courses provided by InterNACHI® School, our accredited college at

Free Illustration Download for Your Inspection Reports

AFCI GFCI Locations.png

Download this high-resolution illustration about AFCI and GFCI locations. According to the Home Inspection Standards of Practice, the inspector should inspect receptacles that are AFCI- and GFCI-protected. 

inspector media
InterNACHI's home inspector podcast.
Radon Inspections Textbook
InterNACHI's buy back guarantee.
Certified master inspectors CMI are the best.

Checklist for Inspecting the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

bathroom exhaust fan.jpg

According to the InterNACHI® Home Inspection Standards of Practice, the inspector shall inspect the mechanical exhaust systems in the bathrooms. Inside this inspection article, you will find an inspection checklist. 

NOW HIRING: Here Is Where InterNACHI® Members Are Hiring Inspectors

inspectors for hire job classified.jpg

There is a place on InterNACHI's message board where InterNACHI® members are hiring home inspectors. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year
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